Setting a new milestone in the age-old tradition of sweet-making, Kasthamandap Khadya Udhyog specializes in the production of traditional sweets and food items. Located at the heart of Kathmandu, our company is inspired by the family lineage and ancestral heritage of our founder Anil Das Rajkarnikar.

We are a food-based company and we manufacture different varieties of traditional food items. We specialize in the production of Lakhamaris and our product line- up includes different types of Lakhamaris such as Joprasad, Aati & Aaitha Punjafi, Gulmari, Namkeen, Anarasa, and Roth. Apart from these we also manufacture appetizers and snacks such as Furandana, Dalmoth, Balbara, Pustakari & others. We ensure that the products are prepared in a clean and hygienic environment and special attention is given to its packaging to ensure the longevity of the products' taste and quality.


Kasthamandap Khadya Udhyog was established in 2008 with a goal to preserve the traditional food culture of Nepal. Nevertheless, the company’s founder Anil Das Rajkarnikar hails from a long line of sweet makers. His family has been engaged in the profession for many decades and their traditional culinary skills have been passed down from generation to generation. He is the great-grandson of Bhandas Rajkarnikar and his father Govanda Das Rajkarnikar had established Kasthamandap Bhandar; which is still one of the most popular sweet shops in Maru tole, Basantapur.

weets are an integral part of our food culture and we understand that A real sweet maker needs to know and understand this. Births, marriages, birthdays, deaths, and other cultural and social occasions require a mind-boggling variety of sweets of particular shapes and ingredients, each symbolic of certain norms and beliefs that vary from community to community.

Gobinda Das Rajkarnikar had been serving quick meals for the last 100 hundred years. He is undeterred and firmly believes that trading in good old Nepali delicacies is still economically viable. The Hanuman Dhoka Darbar relied on the supplies from his shop for all royal pujas and the Kumari's house ordered 32 varieties of traditionally prescribed sweets when the new Kumari was instated.

For eight generations, sweet making has been the main family business of the Rajkarnikars. With Kasthamandap Khadya Udhyog they are now ready to manufacture and export it internationally too.


Lakhamari is one of the most popular Newari sweets used during various festivals and celebrations in Nepal. Although it might come in different shapes and sizes, all of it tastes similar. It is one of the most popular sweets especially available (in the market and households) in Kathmandu as most of the valley dwellers consists of the Newari community.

Types of Lakhamari: Joprasad, Aati & Aaitha.