It is one type of Lakhamari, that is specially used for marriage supari sets, gifts and other traditional rituals. It is also consumed on a daily basis as it can be preserved for a long period.


Ati’s are small circular lakhamaris. They have become one of the most consumed lakhamaris and are available in most stores. It can be preserved for a long period of time and is generally consumed with drinks such as tea, coffee and even alcohol.


Aaitha is a popular Lakhamari among Nepali people as it is one of the tastiest Lakhamari. It comes in bite-sized pieces and can be easily consumed. There are different types of Aaitha and we produced two of them at Kasthamandap Khadya Udyog.

Aaitha (Sugar Free)

Since Aaitha is one of the most highly demanded Lakhamaris, we have produced a sugar-free version of it.

Traditional Sweets

This deeply fried crunchy snack is coated with some toasted sesame seeds that give it a rich and sharp nutty flavor. This taste is followed by a subtle sweetness. It is a highly regarded sweet in certain communities in Nepal.


Balbara is made of whole gram flour, sugar, and pure ghee. The cookie-like deep fried snack is lightly glazed with sugar on the outside and is a popular snack that is often offered to guests.


Punjafi is a light and crisp layered snack which is slightly puffy. Made of wheat flour and pure ghee, Punjafi is like a traditional puff which is lightly sweetened. It is crunchy and delicious and makes for a perfect snack.


Roth is a biscuit like Newari sweet that is prepared using flour, butter and sugar. It is cut into diamond shapes and are deep-fried and decorated with a sugary glaze. These are usually prepared during celebratory occasions and religious festivals.


Gulmari is like a lighter and smaller noodle-like version of Lakhamari which is a deep-fried and glazed sweet. It is prepared using rice flour, urad beans flour, clarified butter and sugar.


Pustakari is a hardened candy that is made from hardened molasses. It is made up of milk, sugar, ghee, and khuwa. It is chewable and has a distinct taste. It has a rich flavor and is best prepared by expert confectioners.


Namkeen which is also known as “Nimki” in Nepal is a light salted cumin flavored fried snack that is prepared by rolling the lightly flavored dough out flat and cutting it into small diamond shapes.

Sweet Namkeen

Sweet Namkeen is a crunchy sweet version of Namkeen. It is made using all purpose flour and is slightly heavy in comparison to its salted version.

Teel Ko Laddu

Made with chaku and sesame seeds it is mostly used during the special festival called ‘ghya chakku sha:lu’ and Maghe Sangrati. There are two types of teel ko laddu. One is in brown and the other is in white, both served for different purposes.


Made with sugar and sesame seeds it is mostly used during the special festival called ‘ghya chakku sha;lu’ and Maghe Sangrati. There are two types of teel ko laddu. One is in brown (Teel Ko Laddu) and the other is in white (Teelauri), both served for different purposes.

Traditional Snacks

Furandana is a popular salted vegetarian snack that consists of a variety of fried puffed beaten rice. It is eaten alongside various pickles and curries. It is a flexible dish and the mixture can be easily tailored to fit one's taste by adding roasted nuts, lentils, peas, potato chips dry fruits and others.

Potato Chips

The beloved snack gets a Nepali twist as thinly sliced peeled potatoes are fried till crisp to prepare our special potato chips.


Dalmoth is a traditional savory dry snack, made from fried lentils, nuts, spices, and oil. There are varying types of Dalmoth ranging from spicy ones to mildly salty and sweet ones.

Marriage Supari Sets

A Lakhamari is a traditional sweet dish that is customarily given to guests who attend a Newari wedding ceremony. The groom also has to provide Lakhamaris to the bride’s family before marriage, which they send along with the invitation card for the marriage. It is also included in Marriage Supari sets which are an important ceremonial part of Nepali weddings. It is offerings presented by the groom to the bride before their wedding ceremony to confirm the marriage. We take custom orders for supari sets and make no compromises to deliver the very best for your once in a lifetime celebration

Gift Pack

Whether it is a personal celebration, corporate anniversaries or major festivals, everyone looks for the perfect gift that is authentic and useful at the same time. We have a variety of gift packs and also take orders for custom gift packs as per your requirement. We have a separate team that specializes in managing these gift packs for you, so you can remain assured as each gift pack is carefully packed with love, attention and looks just as attractive too.